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I am Yogavelli Nambiar, a social change strategist and impact entrepreneur, and founder of Niara Advisory. Over the many (many!) years that I have worked in the social change sector, both in South Africa and India, within small non-profits, large foundations, corporates and academic institutions, and as a social and business entrepreneur, intrapreneur, consultant, facilitator and employee, I have reflected on one key question: how do we optimally, urgently and sustainably bridge the inequality gap and bring positive change for the marginalised? Despite many wonderful efforts around the world, some SDGs have little or no progress, and others are even worse off than they were in 2015. My reflections on the architecture of social impact led me to create Niara Advisory to partner within the social economy, business environment, government, and academia to interrogate, learn, and share more on the fundamentals of success and importantly, to support others as they contribute to real change.

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