What we do

Real collaborations, genuine remedies

A collaborative approach that recognises the systemic issues, helps you create collectives of change with relevant people and institutions, and customises your support based on the needs and dreams of the most marginalised

Niara Advisory focuses on the following SDGs

The development impact space has become increasingly difficult and uncertain, made more complex due to social and economic volatility, and the interconnectedness of how challenges manifest for those who are affected by it.

The gap

There are still many, often well-intentioned, initiatives that are sporadic, disconnected, unclear on objectives and strategy, unstructured in implementation and blurry in terms of achievement of outcomes. Unfortunately, many of these have no connection to the system which keeps the challenge alive, or no clear ownership in the community it is meant to support, resulting in the “solution” being rudderless, inefficient, and unsustainable. Role-players also tend to work in silos and unfortunately, often create programmes with insufficient research, consultation or collaboration. Parallel to this is a dearth of detailed success stories that can provide guidance in terms of impact principles

The need

We need a robust social change ecosystem that is supported to reflect deeply and systemically; one that encourages collaboration to build holistic solutions, that rigorously but humbly interrogates the status quo and spends time in understanding its individual and collective roles in creating impact. We need to support those intermediaries of social change to work and learn in tandem with those they seek to help, and to plan and effectively deliver solutions with measurable and sustainable outcomes. We need to disrupt those systems that keep inequality and poverty alive. This is why system orchestration, enablement and capacity building are important.

Our role

As impact architects, Niara Advisory walks the journey with social enterprise, philanthropy, and corporate leaders to help them make sense of chaotic and often conflicting information; challenge conventional wisdom; and derive unseen insights to conceptualise, design and implement effective social change strategies. We help non-profits build leadership and business model resilience; develop strategic collaborations and ensure that much-needed capital in the sector is deployed astutely and with optimal results. Niara partners to help you fill in the gaps and ensures that you are best equipped to do more; do better; and contribute to achieving social justice for the marginalised, quicker.

Let’s build something great together