Leadership in Philanthropy

South Africa is at a seminal moment, almost 30 years since the introduction of democracy,

there is a sense of growing discomfort with the limited and sluggish progress being made to change the fortunes of disadvantaged South Africans. It is quite clear that change is required, and quickly; and there are many dynamic changemakers actively seeking and driving innovative approaches to respond to the present challenges. What they and many others who develop solutions demonstrate is that the main ingredient required to build a country that serves all is leadership – a cohort of purpose-driven people creating a vision of change and a clear strategy to achieve it, and taking others along with them. In this context, the ancient Greek philosopher’s words are as relevant now as ever. Despite the present abundance of easily accessible information, ignorance and division continue to grow. Amid some wins on decreasing poverty, there are increasing levels of inequality, gender inequity, joblessness and damage to the planet. As levels of education have risen, levels of wisdom appear to have dropped.

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