At Niara Advisory, we leverage almost three decades of experience in social development, gender equity, entrepreneurship education and corporate communications in non profit, academic and business environments, to deliver strategic and holistic solutions that drive social impact, foster inclusive entrepreneurship, and empower individuals and communities across Africa.

Niara integrated value & approach

Feet on the ground

29 years of multi-sector experience working in corporates, non-profit entities, large private foundations, academic institutions, as well as in business and social entrepreneurship in India and South Africa

Heart-centred approach

Bringing together the power of intuition, creativity, empathy, emotional intelligence and deep compassion borne from working in very diverse settings to harness the power of collaborative relationships and connect the dots.

Head for impact

Employing business knowledge; deep thinking, research, writing and teaching on how to create sustainable impact in social enterprises; and various academic qualifications that contribute to framing direction and strategy development

Where the real conversations start

Strategic Consulting Services

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Success in non-profit efforts relies on creating effective organisational models that match the mission, including proper structure, mandates, compliance, governance, indicators, teams, and resources.

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Sensemaking & Strategy

Helping non-profit leaders analyse and comprehend diverse and complex issues, question their assumptions, challenge conventional wisdom, and make sense of conflicting information on social change to devise impactful strategies and initiatives.

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Tailoring support to meet organisational needs in areas such as planning, marketing, partnership building, fundraising, and measurement ensures that efforts yield successful outcomes and valuable lessons for maximum impact.

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Facilitating the connection of potential co-creators and collaborators, bridging capital to purpose, and fostering community building that empowers groups to enhance and expand their social impact by cultivating social capital, all while ensuring teams are equipped to sustain their impactful efforts in the future.

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Niara Advisory was created to walk the journey alongside leaders of social enterprises, philanthropic entities, and corporates, helping them broaden their perspectives; challenge conventional wisdom; and conceptualise, design and implement system-changing initiatives. We do this by dissecting and interrogating the architecture of impact, and ensure we harness those lessons for optimal impact within your strategy.

As impact architects, we believe that non-profits are at the heart of creating and delivering value to communities and countries, so we help to build leadership and business model resilience; develop strategic collaborations and ensure that much-needed capital in the sector is deployed astutely and with optimal results.

Niara’s value is in reviewing, enhancing and co-creating structural, strategic and support interventions so that we can do more; do better; and contribute to enabling sustainable change for those who need it, quicker. As this is a system we operate within, we also intentionally share, teach, learn and grow alongside other stakeholders to ensure the entire sector thrives.